Digital marketing job trends for 2016 and beyond

Digital marketing job trends for 2016 and beyond

All things digital are on the rise. Be it your movies, music, friends and even your jobs. With online purchases touching new highs every year there is no need to explain the need for every company to be present online. However managing and implementing a company’s digital marketing strategy is complex and if not done correctly may not only lead to huge monetary losses but also scar the companies online presence permanently.

job posting dataIf you look at the job posting trends in the graph on the side you will notice that it is not just job with digital marketing designation that are on the rise but also job across all other division such as SEO, PPC, Social and seeing a upward trend. This increase has opened my opportunities for online marketers to not only get in the professional stream but also in the education filed.

All opportunities in this area are very rewarding, this is what the spokesperson at a training institute offering digital marketing course in Hyderabad had to say – “There has been a very strong demand in the number of people choosing a career in digital marketing. The idea is to have them trained enough so that they can hit the ground running.”

Though there are lot of training institutes and job opening there still seems to be dearth of talent. The graph on the right is a clear indication that there is a huge disconnect in what skill sets are talent disparitybeing expected from a digital marketer, what exists and the dearth of initiative for developing these.

I digressed to put into perspective the disparity in the number of job opportunities available and the number of people getting hired – it mostly has to do with the lack of talent rather the companies reluctance to get someone on-board.

So specifically talking about the job trends, there will be an overall growth across the board for all digital marketing disciplines but one that will stand out are the content marketing jobs. There has been a great focus on inbound marketing – writing awesome content, reaching out to same niche blogger a in expectation of a link, thereby driving traffic and improving search rankings. This digital marketing strategy is deemed the safest and the most long term as it involves providing value and driving engagement.

In terms of salary there is good news too. This article by estimates double digital salary growth across all SEO designations. For someone just starting off I would suggest giving the role of content marketer a deep though. Companies interest in this role has spiked and so has the average salaries.

Guys if you are on the fence about entering or switching to the internet marketing profession then don’t be. First of its no rocket science and is one of the few areas where demand outstrips supply. Hope the stats and graphs above are helpful.

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